[Multiple request] FAANG stocks

Hi all,

GraniteShares lauched ETPs on FAANG stocks, covering:

• FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Alphabet)
• GAFAM (Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft)
• FATANG (Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, Apple, Netflix, Alphabet)

I prefer to take non leveraged exposures in my trading and see that GraniteShares offers those products with unleveraged characteristics. We can profit from the rise and the fall of those technology portfolios via the ETPs.

Can we have the following tickers available for trading on Freetrade platform?



You can just buy these stocks yourself, even achieve perfect balance through fractionals. Not sure why these products are needed? Just do it yourself instead of paying management costs for 5 companies.

Thanks for the tip @SebReitz

It will be easier for me to have those companies in a single trade and not taking care of the rebalancing.


If I am not mistaking, ETPs listed on the LSE are eligible to ISA Account.
Which is not the case if you buy directly US Stocks.

Every one of those stocks is available in ISA individually

HMRC allow any shares listed on a “recognised stock exchange anywhere in the world” to be held in an ISA there should be no problem in holding any US traded stock in an ISA, you will still be subject to US tax on dividends at 15% though.


That’s all true. Thanks.

What I really appreciate in those products is that they give simple access to concentrated portfolios of tech stocks.

For me simplicity is key. I will not need to monitor portfolio weightings, sell buy to keep the right allocation etc. With those products I can just buy all the stocks in one trade.

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With respect, multiple requests in one post don’t actually help. I don’t think, anyway. The point of a request having a voting option is to allow :freetrade: to accurately gauge demand. If you’re going to put multiple stocks in one thread and ignore the voting system, it may as well be a request for every single stock. It would be more efficient to use the form to request each one individually. If however you want to use the forum, I’d suggest a post for each of these stocks.

Thanks for the clarifications @beermoneytrader

Where can I find this form?

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All it would take is to use the search box with the keywords request form

Hope this helps


Any update on it?
I saw that another topic have been created :slight_smile:

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