My 2021 Holdings

Here goes
Greatland Gold - #GGP
Gfinity - #GFIN
Power Metals - #POW
Tirupati Graphite - #TGR
Polarean Imaging - #POLX
Salt Lake Potash – #SO4
Van Eck Gaming - #ESGB
BG US Growth - #USA
Cloud - #KLWD
Global Clean - #INRG
Escape Hunt - #ESCE - Not on Freetrade yet so held elsewhere


Are these your planned buys for 2021 or current holdings?

They are current except for

BG US Growth - #USA
Cloud - #KLWD
Global Clean - #INRG

Im adding them for some stability

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USA has been one of my best performing stocks.
The main ones in my ISA which i plan to continue adding to:

  • SMT
  • IRNG
  • BATG
  • EWI
  • USA

A few other small positions, but im still considering the best direction. Im interested potentially in more CHRY (Chrysalis Investments) i have a very small holding in, but ive more reading to do yet. Not got a specific direction set for 2021 quite yet but do plan to keep and continue adding to the above.

My GIA i expect to change quite a bit as i pull some out and into my Cash LISA next year


Its a high conviction portfolio not diversified enough for most, but I’m backing a few trends and up to a point trying to guard against a possible recession.
I have spent an obsessive amount of time researching watching interviews and looking at numbers and percentages over 2020, I want to ease up on the amount of time spent researching and so something else for a while.
But really I know I wont.


SMT is great, the only thing that worries me is the large Tesla holding. I just cant understand the skyhigh valuation


I dont think you can go wrong with those.

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INRG and SMT and cautious could potentially be to popular… im not sure exactly the effects that can cause, it seems random these days. However im fairly confident in SMTs management, and there are other ETFs which are also of some interest like RENG. UKW is interesting but im not sure is fit for what i want at the moment, though i might put a small amount in it for some dividend income and investment into uk based wind.


In no particular order and a mix of weightings:

  1. Aphria
  2. Compass Pathways
  3. Ceres Power
  4. ITM Power
  5. Appian
  6. UI Path (IPO)
  7. Amazon
  8. Microsoft
  9. Okta
  10. Power Metal Resources
  11. Greatland Gold
  12. Conroy Gold
  13. CRSPR
  14. Tiziana Life Sciences
  15. Match

Ideally I wouldn’t have so many stocks… but 40-50% of my portfolio value will be in just 2 of the above.


Great topic! Mine are below

60% is in ETFs tracking indexes (split below)
55% in VEVE
45% in VFEM

40% is in stocks (below is in order of total %)
Crispr Therapeutics
Enphase Energy
Virgin Galactic
Cadence Design Systems
S4 Capital
Greetland Gold
MP Materials


Been watching Ceres for a long time. Wish I got in, in March, when I first looked into it!

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Adding to SMT, INRG, ESGB and KLWD every month

Speculative plays in OMI, ECR, TILS, ODX and DDDD.

Vast majority of my portfolio is currently GGP.

High risk high reward, and I’m comfortable with that for now…


Some great picks. Try not to tinker too much, ive held some great stocks in the past and sold out too soon. Ive come to realise that most of the time the best possible thing I could do is nothing.


I’ve ‘invested’ with far too much emotion this year, and made some stupid decisions (e.g. buying loads of pub stocks because they’re definitely going to be back open again soon (June 2020))… they all got sold at a rather big loss.

I’m now up 28% since I started investing, and hoping to make that another 100% in 2021 through the risky (and well researched) plays.

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I’ll mostly holding my 2020 positions, 2021 will probably be much more passive for me (for compliance reasons).

Global Passive ETFs (tilted towards Small Cap, Value and Clean Energy)
Semiconductors: AMD, TSMC, AMSL

E-Commerce: Amazon, Etsy, JD

Other Techy Consumer Discretionary: Alphabet, Microsoft, Disney, Corsair, Gamestop

Resources: Southern Copper, GGP, +misc copper

Clean Energy: TPI Composites, Microvast, Canoo, +misc

The rest are a bit random and I’ll probably unwind them.

Changes for end of the year / 2021
Probably more TSMC when I can put it in a SIPP, some Samsung I’ll keep watching Intel
CD Projekt (probably next week now Cyberpunk hype has died down)


This is what I settled on in the end, I dropped the funds and added TWD
SP’s as of today
LLIKA - LKA £2.08
Power Metals - POW £0.027
Gfinity - GFIN £0.037
Greatland Gold - GGP £0.36
Tirupati Graphite - TGR £0.67
Escape Hunt - ESCE £0.15
Salt Lake Potash – SO4 £0.23
Polarean Imaging - POLX £0.66
Trackwise Designs - TWD £3.24


Very tempted by Power Metals, see a lot of confident investors (rampers) on twitter and LSE, may do some research of my own on them ready for Monday…

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The info you need is very easy to find with Power Metals, they generate a large amount of news flow covering all of their projects. They release more RNS’s than any other Aim listed stock. The below is on Monday at 7.00

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Any advice for someone heavily invested in tech, wanting to diversify - but unsure where?

How about metals? gold and silver are up and according to some very credible metals experts are predicting they will going continue upwards for some time.
All the metals associated with EV and battery tech are going to be in very high demand also. Copper there isn’t enough copper on the planet above ground to satisfy future demand. Rare earth metals, graphite, China stockpiling and controlling supply when ever they can, there’s a lot lots of upside IMO