NB Private Equity Partners (NBPE) - Share Chat

NBPE is a closed-end investment company registered under the laws of Guernsey managed by NB Alternatives. We invest in income investments, equity co-investments and fund investments selected by the Private Equity Group of Neuberger Berman. Our investment objective is to produce attractive returns on our capital while managing investment risk through portfolio diversification across asset class, vintage year, geography, industry and sponsor.

5% dividend
Has lot of vintage investments IE 2018/2019
Normally a private equity only holds for an average of 4.5 years. So a lot of sales as soon as the markets picks up.

30% discount but as always you need to check the normal discount/premium and its around 20% discount normally
So a 10% discount really. Undeserved in my opinion. The 5% dividends are attractive after all private equity is particularly volatile so a nice dividend could save me selling during a drop.
I can also reinvest or buy something that has fallen Undeservedly…in my opinion.

The large amount of “vintage” investments may mean the normal discount may fall significantly.

Bought yesterday. Remember freetrade will block this soon. I would be surprised if freetrade ever gets round to the questionnaires Needed to invest in complex investments, at least not in the short term.

Five-year annualised return on direct equity investments

Uplift to carrying value on IPOs/realised investments over the last five years

Aggregate multiple of cost on realised investment over the last five years

Registered in Guernsey so no purchase tax.

Presently up 8% from 7th February.
Lucky timing.