Need help, payments successful but funds not in account

Hi, ive recently made a purchase 48 hours ago using googlepay and my bank has been charged but i am yet to recive the funds into my freetrade account. My bank has comfirmed the payments have been taken. Ive opened in-app chat and sent an email and am still waiting to hear back from anyone, can someone please help me.

Hi Lloyd, things are running very slow at the moment with the huge number of new customers. They’re getting through the list but it might take 3-5 working days.

As much as you can say, does that apply to older users (i.e. 1+ year) as it’s all running slow for me too? Thank you!

I’ve made several deposits over as many months. All my transactions have hit the app within 2-3 hours.

I was being impatient and sad that OMI had jumped from a day low in the 23s up to 26!