New lockdown

Can you see a new lo known happening soon. Everything seems to be heading that way

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Every ‘lock down’ has been a diluted version of the one before. The PM doesn’t appear to have the support of his backbenchers for the plan b restrictions let alone any more.

Come January / Feb, quiet months for entertainment and dining, you’ll find restrictions to reduce the spread. You’ll also have a large scale vaccine booster effort.

The lethality of Omicron hasn’t been full modelled yet but it appears lower than Delta and thus less pressure on the health service.

Obviously, this is the glass half full opinion.


I truly think the public support for a hard lockdown id for the most part “down the toilet”.

Also the vaccine passport appears to be disliked by the unvaccinated, the double vaccinated and the boostered alike.

That’s not to stop Boris trying it on but the support from the public and more recently a lot within his party isn’t there.

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Rumour of plan c maybe needed in the next 7 days if cases keep climbing at current rates.

Doesn’t look like Coronavirus is going anywhere soon. This time next year are we going to see the Omega varient or the Theta varient and so on until we run out of greek letters!

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I think we should then move on to the kings and queens. It would be nice to learn something as we circle the drain of our inevitable doom!



Personally, Plan B has not made the slightest bit of difference to my life and I would guess same with most. I always wear a mask out of respect for those who panic anyhow and I can’t see what has really changed where I live.

The only thing I think about is what stock will be a temporary dip to buy. :rofl:


Im hoping for a massive dip on the 5th April 2022 fill my next ISA allowance and watch a huge rise. :crazy_face:


Lockdowns? Oh no. Didn’t you hear? The government promised that we would have no more lockdowns, and government officials are famous for telling the truth, as all know…

What we will have is an ever expanding list of places that one cannot enter without a covid passport, and maybe even a return to splitting the country up into tiers. Essentially, we will have lockdown in all but name.


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