New to Investing - help

I’m new to investing…. What’s your hints and tips. Who is worth investing into thanks

Watch what I do. Then do the opposite.

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Personally I also enjoy the business podcast with Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway

Galloway also has his own podcast

Once you get used to their voices you can easily listen to them at 1.5x speed or greater :slight_smile:

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Hi, and Welcome @Gemma_99
Firstly bear in mind that NO-ONE here is qualified to give you professional financial advice.
But, they are mostly full of helpful advice, hints, tips, and the like.
My advice, as someone also new to investing, is to think of the stockmarket as quicksand. If you want to survive, and not lose everything you need a nice wide raft, so diversity is the key in my opinion. If you follow the analogy, and stick all your money in one place, it’s a very narrow footing and if it goes bad it’s all sunk. If you have a few different stocks, then it’s less likely that they’ll all drop at the same time and your “raft” is less likely to sink.
The other thing I’d say is to never, ever, invest more than you are prepared to lose. If that money is for Christmas, car repairs, rent, etc, then don’t invest it. If it’s for days out, treats etc, then have fun…
If you haven’t found it yet, the First time investing chat here is great.


Etf is a great way to invest we it’s already diversified