Newbie question

Hi all, quick question from a newbie. I want to buy shares in a particular company, but the buy button is greyed out and there is a small padlock icon over the companies logo. I’ve uploaded funds to the account and other companies, such as Tesla do not have this issue. Any ideas? TIA

You might have to upgrade your subscription.

It would help if you told us which company as we could then probably tell you exactly what the problem is. It could be what Coolsmp said, however, there are some stocks where there is a problem and so FreeTrade have blocked the purchase of them. They could also be subject to Russian sanctions.

Sorry, company is ESS Tech


Hi @dazzzler44 , if you mean ESS Tech Inc which does long term battery storage and trades on the NY stock exchange as $GWH, it is on Freetrade but you need to upgrade to the standard or plus plan.

OK, thank you