Not able to sell anything - button greyed out

I am not able to sell anything in my portfolio. No problem buying. The sell button is greyed out. Every position in my portfolio has this issue. I can tap on the buy button and buy more but the sell button is greyed out and I am not able to sell. Logging out and back in also does not make a difference.

What’s going on here?

Are there any limit orders on those stocks?

If so, that will grey out the sell button.

No. I have no limit orders. I have just the basic freebie cheapskate account so only instant orders can be done.

Example screenshot with GSK. The button is greyed out. This is the same of every other position I have. At least with my holding of Evraz Steel there is a pinned message saying it cannot be traded.

I’d suggest the usually troubleshooting with phone apps. Force close, clear cache, logout and back in, uninstall and reinstall

Yes, I have done all of that. Even restarted the phone before installing the app again. Only thing I have not done yet is to pour a complete circle of salt around my phone.

Logged back in using the email code but still not able to tap on the sell button on any position I have.

Regarding the phone; it is fairly new and running on android 12


Let me flag this with our tech support to investigate. Have you already sent an email for support?

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Sort of; I sent an email to as I could not find the support email address; not sure it it was something as simple as but wanted to verify

From the hello address I got the auto reply confirmation mail back saying they will come back to me in 3 days time.

Sending mail to bounced back rejected your message to the following email addresses: (

so that address does not exist

No worries. is the right one. I’ll flag your issue up to the team though. Normally they get back in plenty of time well sooner than 3 days, though they will be busier than normal with tax year end today!


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My sell buttons have always looked like this. (Here a month.)

The buy is coloured in, the sell isnt.

The sell still works though.

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Unfortunately the Sell button does not respond at all. I tap that part of my phone screen like crazy but nothing happens. Tapping the buy button works like a charm on the first tap and i can buy…

The support guys are on the ball! They located the glitch in the matrix and have dispatched agent Smith…

They have just came back to me and and were able to reproduce the issue and are working on a fix.


Happy to report that the new update they pushed out overnight resolved this issue. The Sell button now works again when you tap on it and transactions can now be done.

Thanks to the devs and the rest of the support team that resolved this issue in such a short timespan.