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$47 pre market, really not looking good.

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Just a market correction. Same thing is happening to Tesla.

If you’ve got the stomach for it, hold on. You need to be a long term investor with EVs, and sustainable energy. Their time will come.


Everything’s down though (Feb isn’t typically a great month).

I regret not buying more when it was at $40 end of last year… IMO it’s unlikely to drop below that so I’ll be topping up if it’s under $45 today/tomorrow.

Their earnings report is out next week too…


What is happening to the market as all the stocks I’ve invested in are crashing dose anyone knw wat the heck is going on with the American market

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Just doing what the market does… we’ve seen some crazy movements recently.

Maybe a bit of a rotation from tech/green stocks?

Just a good time to buy the dips as long as you believe in the company.

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The US market has been climbing steadily with no real pull backs since the low in march last year. A correction was always going to happen at some point. Things never carry on up forever. I wouldn’t call this a crash. So far it’s a pretty minor correction.


I was waiting for this to drop to 45$ but now it’s going up because Car Wow made a video about it 🤦

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Let it grow, I can’t stand all those red minuses on all of my investments :joy:


If the earnings report tonight is good, hopefully we should see a nice bounce back :four_leaf_clover:

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Where can i read all this stuff about nio bro?

Google Finance let’s you know when upcoming earnings reports are released just search NIO stock into Google and it should come up.

Twitter can also be a good starting point for finding relevant articles and news just start by searching $NIO, but be warned there is a lot of junk too.

I also find Simply Wall Street and TipRanks to be useful apps for company financial checks and couldn’t recommend the VOX Markets app enough for RNL.

Hope that helps and good luck!


Long term hold at 60 shares. You’d be a fool to sell now.

Not necessarily. I sold my entire position with a gain of +500%. NIO is a great company with a good future, however it seems to me that this shortage will hurt their production and consequently their results in a medium term.

Anyway, I will enjoy the dip to find another good company with a good price.


Fool to sell, what about buy more? Haha

Glad I sold this turd

So what happened to you buying and holding, and the huge growth prospects?


:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: Not looking good, heading to under $30.

It was clear that it had been fully valued in the short to medium term and the momentum wasn’t there anymore. I’m sure it will return to $65 and above but it will be a long wait.

Seems the momentum has been with oil and financials lately which have been good for me.

Perhaps not best to “ramp” the huge growth prospects of Nio on this forum then. There’s a huge amount of new investors on here who will be influenced by what they read.
All for enthusiasm and research, less so for blind ramping as it’s not fair on those less experienced and now probably in the red…


All is fair in stocks and shares, that’s what the last few weeks has made clear.

The cream will rise to the top, as they say. Find a good company, buy and hold. I’ve bought a few shares of nio again.