No Profile on IOS

I can’t see any profile page in Freetrade using IOS and certainly no side menu bar that is described and shown when I look at how to get into the profile options. Can anyone help with this, Am I doing something wrong?

I’ve updated the application this morning and I’m running IOS 12.4.6 on the iPad Air just in case that helps.


As you’re running iOS 12 – you should see the Profile section as an icon of a person, on the top right of your Portfolio.

I don’t see it, the only thing in the top right is a Free Share icon

I don’t see it, this is all I get

Whoops – yes I checked the code and I can see there is a bug there! I’ll make sure this is fixed for next weeks release.

In the meantime, you can put your app into Slide Over mode or split screen – that should cause the profile button to turn up.

Thanks Alex, Yeah putting it into slide over mode shows the profile option, thanks for your quick response and work around

That battery level though… :laughing:

Yeah I know, I fairness it does last a few days, unless I play a few games of chess each day

Alex, any idea when the bug fix is due?

Thanks in advance.


Hey Simon, it started rolling out yesterday so you might not have got it yet – the fixed version of the app is 3.4.6.