Not erasing the information provided when exiting the app

It would also be nice if Freetrade remembered, say, the sort code you entered before leaving the app to find your bank account number. A very minor thing but makes sign up experience perfect and flawless.

It has been mentioned elsewhere, but I will duplicate for consistency.


Yes I found this a little frustrating too, as you may want to move in and out a few times to check information, I also couldn’t seem to paste in certain fields during setup (NI number I think was one).


It does this in the account opening screen but works ok on the chat screen. Small things like this would definitely help the onboarding experience :+1:t3:


The erasing of the sort code/texts is mainly I believe for security reasons. I think that the idea is that if you by accident close the app and leave your phone, someone else cannot get the phone and gain access to your sort code. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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That’s a perfectly logical explanation - if only it was true!

Deleting the information that users have entered in forms isn’t the intended behaviour, we would like to keep it.

There’s other security controls in place for this sort of thing instead.