Creating a Free Trade Account: NI already in use

Used my NI number to sign up a few months back, had an update and couldn’t get back into the app after because my NI was “already in use”. Is there any way to rectify this?

Are you definitely going down the sign in flow rather then signing up?

I re-downloaded the app. The only flow is to sign up.

Yeah just done it, you’re right.

Are you definitely using the same email address you originally signed up with?

Sorry you’ve not been able to access the app. :cry:

If you can send an in-app chat or DM me here, we’ll look into this for you.

Hi Gemma,
Just responding to your comment on my post on here about not being able to access the app …

Hi James, you can private message @Gemhappe <- tap on her username.

Hi I am having the same issue. I am only seeing the sign up path and no login path upon getting a new phone and re-downloading the app. Can anyone help?

@Gemhappe can you take a look?

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From what I remember, entering the email you used to signup to Freetrade with will push you down the login path. Then it’ll ask you to set your passcode and you’ll be in.

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Sorry about that. :cry: Please DM me if you’re still having issues.

Same problem. Had to replace my phone.Reloaded Freetrade app on new device only takes me down the new user pathway rather than logging into my account. I’m stuck. Help please

Can you DM @Gemhappe or shoot an email to hello@freetrade.Io?