Not possible to have both Stop Loss and Limit Sell


I was trying to create both stop loss and limit sell on a stock but failed. When trying to add second sell operation, I shows me that I have 0 shares available (assuming I marked all shares to be sold as eg. stop loss).

I am pretty sure I post from someone from Freetrade here that having both operations is possible but apparently this is not the case?

I think it would be of great value to have this kind of operation, and have 1st one to automatically cancel the other one.


I raised this question this morning along with a few others but there hasn’t been an answer yet…

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exactly this one, thanks

Hi @fzymek

Hope you’re doing well. You can place up to 2 limit/triggered orders of each type on a single stock - e.g. you can place 2 buy limits, 2 sell limits, 2 triggered stop loss orders and etc. on a single stock.

When you create a sell limit or stop loss order, we ringfence the shares and update your available balance. If you’ve chosen to sell all shares through a sell limit/triggered order, the balance of your available shares will be updated to 0 and you will not be able to place another sell limit/triggered order for that stock.

Hope the description above makes sense. Please let me know if you have any further questions.



I think it would be better if it let you set up both orders but the second order didn’t go through if the stock had already been sold by the first. That way you could set a limit order to sell above the current price and still have a stop loss below the current price


This doesn’t seem to be sorted yet.

I want to be able to cover a sudden drop through a Stop Loss and benefit from a sudden peak with a Limit Sell. If one is triggered then the other is cancelled.

I can’t understand why this functionality is withheld. Can someone explain why Freetrade would not allow this?

Think I might have to move my ISA as I can’t spend all day watching share prices.

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