Unable to place a stop loss if I have a triggered sell ...?

Hi im a newbie to investing and im sure this is a simple one to answer. I have been trying to create a triggered sell and a stop loss on some shares but if I try to do both it wont allow me to.

It looks like if i create a triggered sell for all shares then there are no shares left to create a stop loss with. Is this correct? and is there a way to do both?

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Hi @PeterH firstly welcome to the community - don’t forget to stick and round :ok_hand:t2:

You can’t do both with the same share as what you’re doing has the same effect. If the shares were volatile you could find both triggered and then you’d be in a position of selling something you don’t have.

I think this is something that should be available, I think it’s a valid use case to have a triggered sell at a higher price while having a stop loss in case things go wrong.

the first one to get hit should execute and the other one should be deleted if you no longer have the shares

Other platforms let you do this


I do believe you can actually do both, you just can’t do them for the same shares - if that makes sense? Let’s say you have 24 shares in X, you can’t sort the 24 shares into both a triggered sell and a stop loss, but you can put 12 (or whatever number as long as it doesn’t exceed the total number of shares held) into both.

It is worth noting, however, I’m pretty sure you can only have two ‘lots’ of triggered sells and stop losses, respectively.

Hi @NeilB and thanks for the reply. Yes thats the conclusion i came to when thinking about it a bit more. I suppose that makes sense

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Hi @Dave yes I first thought it would just let you do both and one just cancels out the other but apparently not.

I have been browsing other platforms but I find Freetrade is a lot less complicated for a beginner like myself

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Hi @BullRun Yes I played around with it after thinking about it and can see I have to have some shares left to put in stop less if I already put some in a triggered sell. Suppose it makes sense haha

I Appreciate the explanation :+1:

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