[On :freetrade:] BMO Commercial Property Trust (BCPT)

Any reason why BCPT is dropping so much?
Is it just because of the increased chance of a no deal Brexit causing London property to lose value?

The NAV is dropping slightly, which is likely dues to a difficult market for commercial property (I don’t know their direct holdings, but retail space isn’t great currently).
The change however is driven by the traded price not the NAV, it’s at a discount of +16% currently, which is market sentiment driven rather than tangible change in portfolio (it may be moving faster than the portfolio and the NAV will follow, or it may be wrong and work back towards the NAV).

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Taken another beating.

Any specific reason because they hold 20% of your dividend ???

Because it is a REIT.


Their dividend cover also appears to be 0.77 :cold_face:

after halting dividend payments, they are now restarting dividends but half the value, 0.25p per share starting in August 2020