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This company is a UK-based, SaaS cyber security company.

This was £1 pre covid. Currently 9p and just won a big new contract. Up we go.

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Anyone know the reason of rise today?

Had these on watch for awhile they had a very good update missed buying in at 6 due to no spare funds. They have a chance to multi bag this year.

Buying once i get some funds available.

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Do you know any value of the contracts?

They haven’t announced individual contract amounts.

Here is the a few links for you to look at will help you with your research into osirium if your interested.

Investor Hub | Osirium

Thanks. I gona look into this now because thinking to load some shares tomorrow, but need to be sure contracts are big enough to make me some money in future.

Jsut be careful with the bid and ask on this its currently just over 4% but has been as large as over 10%. I would use limit buys if you have them.

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Crazy stock. Made my day :::slight_smile:

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