P/L on during the day...formula

Ok so i have my overall P/L on my portfolio. This is working fine…I am trying to rack my head around how to do the days change on the position.

So I am able to see which position is either dragging my value up or down.

Something similar to this…

Has anyone done this in their Google Sheet?

You can use this to get it:


Swap out AAPL for the ticker.

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Got that :grinning: I am trying to know my P/L on that day on that stock.

Not the change on the price. I have “change” & “changepct” in my sheet now. Quite confused on how to do it haha

Then you will want to calculate it like this:

[Number of shares you own] * GOOGLEFINANCE(“AAPL”,“change”)

So with this, if I own 10 Apple shares and the price is up by $4.25 that day, this formula will return 42.50. That would be my profit for the day on that stock.

Note: if you are using this for UK stocks, remember that prices are in pence, so divide by 100 to get it in pounds.

Lovely thanks Phil I’ll give that a go! :+1:t3:

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