Pan African dividend

So am I right in thinking that $PAF is going to pay a dividend of £0.0910 per share in Feb 22 please let me know if I have got it wrong and if anyone is thinking of investing more into this stock and if in there opinion it’s worth putting more into it. :bar_chart::chart_with_downwards_trend::chart_with_upwards_trend:

That seems wrong. Where did you get that from?

Nobody can give you financial advice here. You have to know for yourself if you want to buy more.

Evening @MonCapitan its a tidier forum if we can keep all questions & discussions to specific threads.

How do I post on the pan african resources I cant seem to

Page that is lol

Ok chill pal all u had to say is no its paid in January and its 0.956p

That last one was directed at SebReitz

Just click on this thread and post like you have on here.

Good luck


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That’s exactly what I did. No idea why you have to take things the wrong way if you’re given help… but hey, some people just like to be enraged I guess.

Even gave you the tool to look up any dividend of any company.

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