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A mid-tier gold producer based in South Africa, this firm is one of the continent’s lowest cash cost gold suppliers.

Anyone tempted ? Future growth looks awesome - goes ex div in 5. Great P/E and PEG plus over 50% undervalued.

Just sold my 1 free share which buys me 54 shares in PAF.


Which free share was that?

Law Debenture Corp

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I’ve got my Gold mining investments spread across Polymetal, Hochschild, Highland & Pan African. Based on my thinking around the Gold price increasing during the coming year(s), I like the look of all of them. However, I am keeping an eye on Hochschild due to the rare earths side of their business that could become quite important if China decides to block rare earths exports to the US. Interesting times…




Another fave of mine and up 8.48% today. Hopefully more to come with the upward POG forecast :clap::+1:


Strong interim result reported today.

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Latest update from the CEO of Pan African Resources.

Profit after tax up by 86% and debt reduced by almost 50%. Not a bad performance considering this was done during a global pandemic.


I am waiting for the right price, maybe when dollars goes lower.

are these a good buy?:sweat_smile: