Pan African Resources - PAF - Share chat

Anyone know the reason why this share can’t be bought? Buy button greyed out.

Looks like it’s a dual listed share in Johannesburg.

Presumably from what Adam (on the thread linked below) got back from Support, this appears to fall in the same category as HZM - Horizonte Minerals ⛏ HZM - Stock Discussion - #17 by woodyblade

Looks like a wee snafu/been missed and we should have been charged stamp duty on these shares for a while.


Ooer, you’re right. I have had a growing position since last September and was planning to add more at the end of the month so checked - and the buy button isn’t functioning :thinking:

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Yes I would have bought more as well, that’s unfortunate.

Have emailed but had anyone heard anything more on this? Talking days or weeks to resolve?

Does anybody know why we can’t buy PAF

look a few posts above :+1:


If you look at the HZM chat it’s the same issue

I am not able to buy.why?

A technical issue around stamp duty

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Do we know when this will be sorted out? It’s annoying to see the price go down and not be able to average down!

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Does anyone know why the buy button for this is disabled?

Not sure if this has been raised @Rajan07 @Freetrade_Team , temporary glitch?

If you go back in the thread to may 24th you will see this


Thanks @Roger :smiley:

Radio silence on this one is deafening. Any update on the buy situation? Very frustrating not being able to get in at the current price point.


This just popped onto my radar … why can’t we buy it ?

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There’s an unresolved issue to do with dual listing in Johannesburg and stamp duty. (See post on 24th May).

I’ve noticed the ‘sell’ button is available.

I wonder if that means we COULD sell our holdings and buy them back now, paying appropriate stamp duty?