Panorama - Can You Trust the Billion Pound Investors

Documentary on Neil Woodford.
Tonight - 20:30 BBC ONE.


They have been looking at other fund managers as well. Sound worrying.

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Just waiting for this to start. Will be very interesting!!!

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I saw it on the Daily Mail but they didn’t really go into detail on the section I read. So what did he actually do? Keep some of the shares in his own name or what?

@shane-aurora This is the gist of it

BBC One’s Panorama uncovered evidence that suggests he was secretly acquiring shares for his own benefit in some of the same companies as his funds.

In the case of Hummingbird Resources, Mr Denning appeared to have another potential conflict of interest as the company was set up and run by his son-in-law.

@saf I wasn’t aware that was illegal. Is it because he didn’t declare it and kept it secret? I don’t really have a problem with the first point morally but the second one… ye that’s bad.

Don’t know if it’s illegal by itself but very poor in terms of ethics. It broke the code of ethics for the company he worked for. Additionally, this type of behaviour can lead to profiting at the expense of the investors.

Ye fair enough, agreed there. If he just said he was doing it I wonder would it be ok

This is the iplayer link

TV licence needed. I’ll watch it tonight. 30 minutes only.

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