Partnership with Yolt

Yolt has partnered with Wealthify so people can build investment plans with them, but they have nothing like stock trading. They have more than 500k users and nearly a 5 star rating on the iStore with nearly 9k recommendations. They could be a trusted and valued low-cost funnel.

Am not as well versed on Emma and they aren’t as big yet, but a similar model could apply there.

Both apps help you go from being a spender to a saver, it’d be nice if they can then turn you from a saver into an investor through FreeTrade.

Thanks for requesting this :raised_hands:

There’s a topic for an integration with Emma already so please add your votes for that here: Freetrade integration with Emma

We’ll need this for Yolt too -

Ah apologies, didn’t find that thread when I searched!

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It’s popular on the Yolt community!29