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Klarna we’re valued at $45bn last round 3 months ago. If/when they IPO they’ll be $60bn which is probably too big to justify a takeover. If you’re paying big money there is limited headroom to improve the valuation.

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Affirm AFRM in US still solo

going great guns with AMZN tie up


There are plenty of examples of independent buy now pay later companies but the tide is turning. Amazon don’t need anyone to offer finance on their behalf, when the market get to a size worth their attention they’ll add the feature to Amazon pay and roll it out everywhere.

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agreed , always a risk

or they could get bought , like Square did Afterpay

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PayPal “We’re thinking about buying Pinterest”

The Market “Don’t do that it’s a bad idea, we’re knocking 5% off your share price”

Paypal “We’re not thinking about it anymore”

The Market “That’s better, have 2% back”


Look what I did! :smiley: I’m so proud of my market shaping trades. There’s me investing at that peak.


Yo thinking of buying this now that its last year’s price. Any reason why not



Do you know why it dropped? I cannot imagine not buying pininterst would affect the price so significantly.

What else went on?

combination of things I suspect

1 Losing ebay defaulting to them

2 reduced forecasts for next qtr and year

3 seems to be a bit of a suspicion that Square (cash app) and others are eating their lunch

4 also i suspect (from the coinbase results) that the lessened volatility of Bitcoin and al, means less trading and less trading = less fees

I’m still holding but Im under water now

there are still mammoth and they have promised this super App…


They are plugging their new 0.5% cashback Mastercard debit card right now.

Looks good, but still not as flexible and functional as TransferWise.

Paypal only lets on source from their home country’s currency pot. E.g if I spend USD then the money comes from my GBP pot, but not my USD pot. Thus an FX rate is hit.
If I live in Eurozone the the home pot os EUR. Unlike Wise.

Who’s got a new 0.5% cashback ?


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Isn’t AMEX 1% CB?

And Chase

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I don’t think the PP card is very good.

Chase has 3% cashback on Amazon until year end

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Nice little bonus. 2% normally cash back and boosted by extra 1% On amazon. Interesting that this comes about just after amazon stop using visa credit