Pixel 4 Face ID

I don’t know if I’m missing it but I’ve had a look around and can’t find the option.

Can we enable the new face ID for Android in Free trade/ can it be added?

It’s brand new so I imagine it may not be ready yet.

Please remember, the google ‘faceid’ is not the same as FaceID by Apple. It is less secure.

The newer APIs have been out for a little while so hopefully they already started work :crossed_fingers:

It’s a little less secure until they fix the eye issue but no less secure than the fingerprint scanner was. Biometrics are less secure than just using a pin/password but that’s the price we pay for convenience :sunglasses:

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Hey there! Good suggestion. I’m happy to report we’re already taking a look into this, it doesn’t seem too tricky technically. It should be ready for you within the next few weeks.


I’ve got some great news - the latest version of the app supports Face Unlock on the Pixel 4. Just go to the Play Store to update, and let us know how it works!


I’m on the beta version - Version 1.0.6064 - but I can’t see any option? I’m struggling to find a settings page though. I’ve found my profile but no where to manage security?

@alexc-at-freetrade are there any security concerns with this feature? I’ve heard it’s less secure than Apple’s Face ID.

Google’s implementation is just missing ‘attention aware’ so it can be used with your eyes closed. Google are adding that shortly but really if security is a big concern you shouldn’t be using biometrics and should stick with pins/passwords.

Got it to work by uninstalling and reinstalling. Still don’t know how to change settings one installed.

Just updated my app and have got the face unlock working (very nice by the way)!!

Had to log out and back in for the setting to appear, is this not something that should be added under Profile or at least planned?