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Oh god, don’t think for a second that i was implying anything about you mate.

I was talking about about all the stuff on twitter and the LSE,

I’d never blame someone for taking a profit. Well played to you for taking your money and making it work.

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Hi guys, how does one vote on prem with this platform… cheers

Hi @Jimmyt,

What do you mean by voting?
If you mean voting for the stock to became available, it is already available.

If you mean voting on a AGM, the feature is only available for us stocks, £PREM seems to be UK listed.
More info below:

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Thanks for that. It answered my question. Maybe Freetrade will look into UK as well soon. :sunglasses:

How do we invest on this platform in perovskite which is the next renewable breakthrough. It seems we are always behind other platforms

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Good grades

1 sample? Cherry picked?

Are you in prem ? If so i think you should sell as you do not believe they are capable of producing , if your not in prem why comment ? . If you have actual facts lets hear them but for me if its in a RNS i kind of believe .

I also believe RNS but you have to read the words carefully.

My investment is irrelevant.

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I have shares in this, bought very very low and have taken profits over the months, still hold 100k shares and still in the green.

To me its nothing more than a gamble. The shenanigans that have been going on over the last 12 months have been embarassing.

The ceo i wouldnt even trust to make me a brew, how many times have they raised capital now is it two times? and more to follow i presume.

Its an AIM, african miner stock. Says it all really, but i do like a gamble play.

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Yes you are right on many counts , the ceo hasnt been that trustworthy in the past and yes its a gamble like most stocks . I have also taken profits along the way and i am now left with a few million and just in the green now . A lot has gone on over the last 6 months and with todays placing we should be able to get out producing and start to get a return thats why i invested, and i also see a further placing later but i am hoping the rewards will outweigh the lows :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: i wish you well , i just find it stupid that some people comment on a stick when they are not invested it makes no sense unless they want to deramp or an argument :man_facepalming:

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It’s important that people who aren’t / haven’t invested in stocks comment on them. They forum is shit when it’s just an echo chamber of people banging on about how great their company is rather than an actual balanced conversation. Everyone is welcome to comment on every thread invested or not.

Often I’m more interested in peoples reasons for not investing than reasons they did….


I agree. To be fair Freetrade is not a great place to discuss stocks anyway.

If you want balance then best to head over to LSE forum’s for more thorough information.

On balance Prem is getting slated over on LSE and rightly so to.


Yikes! If we are looking to LSE board for balance, we are in trouble - in the interest of balance. By the same measure, Id suggest not to expect much from ADVFN. There is less vitriol in here, which I prefer.

LSE :man_facepalming: that is full of people with totally different agendas , that is a non balanced site , its full of people who only listen to themselves but want to play ti the galary .

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Depends what content you take with a pinch of salt and what you take serious.

Ive found information by “some” posters very useful and has made me some decent money over the years, also stopped me losing money too.

A fine example of balance on a stock was with Tui during the rights issue debacle which helped me greatly in my decision process.

If you can name a decent stocks and shares forum that is balanced then im all ears?

Considering you called out someone on here as stupid because they where not invested in a company and had no right to comment is ludicrous to say the least just because it doesnt suit your agenda, kind of contradicts in what you said regards to people only want to listen to themselves.