Problem after reloading app

I recently had to delete & reload the app on my phone and can no longer access my account. Each time I try it asks me to set up a new account. How to I get it to recognise my existing account?

Have this same problem too. Can see knowhere to login rather than register.

Dont know if this is to do with the login issues on Android.


Same problem… Can’t access my account on the app… No log on on desk top

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Are you all on Android? As it sounds like google relased a bad webview update. The links below include more detail and how to fix it :smiley:


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Yes I’m on Android. Unfortunately I deleted the app before realising there was an issue with Google, which I sorted out.

On reinstall the app doesn’t let you sign in to your existing account but wants you to set up as a new user instead. The must be way off recovering the original account.

There should be an prompt to enter your email once you’ve pressed continue. After you’ve entered your email, a link should be sent to your inbox to log you in

I had this too. Goto Google play search webview and update. Worked for me.

The prompt works and send a link but then the link takes me to a point where they want a new account set up rather than logging in to my existing account. Any ideas?

Hmm how odd, as @rwebster101 mentioned could it be still related to the google web view issue? Also, stupid suggestion but are you sure it’s the right email?

Haha! You’ve cracked it! Just checked some old emails and I set my account up using @gmail suffix when I normally only use @googlemail both of which go to same inbox. All sorted now. Phew, was panicking for a minute. Thanks for your help.

No worries! Happy to hear you’re back in the app :partying_face: