Logged out of app not able to access account

Hi logged out of my app today. Tried to log back in and the app wanted me to set up a new account. Tried this but no joy. Uninstalled the app and reinstalled now stuck on the creating your account page. Have also emailed customer services? How can I get my original account access?

i am in the same boat as well. you have any luck getting back in?

Yes i changed the option for fingerprint recog and it seemed to work

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i did that and nothings worked, tried uninstalling and reinstalling. i tried to make a new account and it gets stuck on the setting up a an account will take a few mins screen. proper annoyed as i have money sitting in the account i cannot access.

Do you mind screenshotting what your screen looks like when you open the app for the first time after reinstalling?

then i go in and re-put in my email and process start all over again, with me creating a new account

When I click Log in I am sent a link to my email address which I tap and it takes me back to the app and I set a passcode

it makes me go through the whole process again, putting in my name, national insurance number ect. then it gets stuck on the waiting for a few mins to create your account screen. I have already used the app previously and had money on it