Problems with Limit order execution

I think you are wise to avoid as it could be very costly couldnt it, especially on the larger trades. Luckily for me I was testing a few small trades to try out the new upgraded membership. I have had a lot more success with the triggered for US stock. Since my post there have been 2 others that failed, one where the price was a fair bit below my order and for a substancial time as well, not just a small dip, so that was disappointing. I had high hopes for the upgraded benefits and hope I find it worth it over the next few weeks or I might as well go back to basic.

I have set you another reply, i hope you can look into it.

In my opinion the limit order function is more miss than hit, I have tried 3 on one stock all at different levels and despite the price falling below 2 of them on fiday and again today none of them have closed, its very disapointing and so far dows nothing to give me confidence to use or rely on it as a serious tool when trading normally. It could be a costly mistake. Im hopeful FT will look into it as it could be a great tool. I use it a lot in crypto trading and its invaluable.