Realty Income dividend payout

Hey, so I have have realty income for more than a month now and it is supposed to be a monthly dividend payout but I have yet to receive my payout. I was curious if anyone else was experiencing this issue or if Freetrade is holding back on that monthly income to make it quarterly?

No, freetrade is not keeping money from you.
Give yourself some agency and google for solutions, you’d be surprised how much you find :wink:

Here it gives you the ex date on which you must have held the stock to get the next dividend and the payment date of that dividend.
Payments might take a couple of days to reach your account though.


Here you go buddy
From left to right
Dec date, ex div date, and finally pay date
Some pay dates are bit delayed depending on day but they will come :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart: