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As do I! :slight_smile:

The way I see it, if the market thinks (or if it has been published/announced) that a company/fund will see higher profits from the surge in power prices, then there will be more demand for the stock, driving up the price. Latecomers who only learn of this later (or think nobody knows this yet), won’t benefit as much from those higher profits because they are now paying a premium for the stock.

Ok, thanks, that makes sense. I guess the trick is knowing whether you are a latecomer or not!?

The price to book value is 1.24 I think, so not undervalued as far as assets are concerned, but I wonder if that counts in future energy price rises? I guess we will see.

Sod’s law I’ll up my holding and cold-fusion will come online!

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I watched a 5 month old YouTube video (the extent of my research!) which said they have locked in75% of energy prices to 2030 - therefore won’t benefit as much from the current height prices.


Renewables Infrastructure Group buys stake in Hornsea One wind farm


fyi, TRIG are offering new ordinary shares via primarybid.

Bought this today as a hedge. I own £BP £SHEL and $XOM and wanted something a bit more green as a hedge. It was a mix up between this and £UKW but this won as they also do solar power and are spread out across part of Europe.


Got mine today.

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Any reason for the recent rise this week. All my green shares companies are doing well recently.

I’ve noticed the same thing. In times of uncertainty they tend to go up when others stocks go down.

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