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I got £0.93 and £6.13 yay




Me too! Hello fellow prestigious owner of 2 RIO shares!! :smile:


"Mining companies are notorious for, “Using windfalls to dig more materials out of the ground. And the opposite is true when prices hit rock bottom. Production is reigned in and cash is conserved. These are the supply forces that self-regulate commodity cycles”, as FreeTrade analyst Paul Allison states.

Therefore, the blue-chip will eventually have an influx of demand for iron again, driving iron prices back up. This should happen once China eases its Covid restrictions. Buying shares before this occurs could possibly see my portfolio getting a bumper gain. Moreover, a 10% dividend yield could see me earning a little bit of passive income while waiting for iron ore prices to climb."

Disclaimer: I do not stand to profit in any way from sharing this article or the views I get. I am merely sharing this as an opinion to offer my insight to the stock whilst hoping to contribute to the discussion. These posts have been also been cleared by the mods.


Going b(A)ck to (B)asi(C)s

I like this!


Is this why is running South?

Yup, assuming you’re talking about China’s lockdowns.

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The pain I sware it’s always when I buy into a stock, damm the mad cow disease is spreading

This this company actually pay dividends at this amount?? If so are they monthly, yearly or quarterly!?

Twice a year for Rio IIRC

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Lovely Thankyou!

Been looking into commodity super cycles (Ole Hansen ((head of commodities Saxo bank)) interview on Macro Voices podcast) and wanna get into Rio Tinto or Bloomberg commodity £CMOP.

Rio Tinto looks easier psychologically to buy from a technical perspective. Dream scenario would be from support at c.$64 (£51) , worse case a breakout of the weekly wedge/trend line at circa $80 (£63).
CMOP is just ripping higher, maybe would consider a buy from daily 50 ema.

What are peoples strategies if any over the next 6 months with either?

I have already started a position in Rio not that long ago and will probably try and make it into a full position DCAing over the next month or two.

Depends on what your time horizon is, but imo Rio is decently valued at the moment. Of course during a down market commodity stocks tend to get hit hard, so I am always prepared such stocks going down 30/40% in a short period of time.

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I have just bought a few more this morning.
If shares drop below the magic 50 mark I will buy more.


Today’s the day

Why? What are you expecting?

He said the magic number is below 50 he will buy so I replied today’s the day :)))

Dammit I new it was going to rise like that at 10… And just when I waited for it we had to go into a meeting then I forgot due to being busy.

Missed my chance for the nice low 47s… Who knows there maybe more changes with the great depression apon us.

Plenty more chance. I see it dropping to 40 :relieved:


Keep calm and average down :slight_smile: