Ryanair Holdings ✈️ 🇮🇪 (ADR) - RYAAY

Ryanair is an airline that sells low-cost flights. With shares being at an affordable 3 year low, it would be great to have them listed on Freetrade.

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Fly to a :beach_umbrella: on a Wednesday or get a piece of Ryanair for the same price :thinking::

This is not an investment advice



LON: RYA Please add :slight_smile:

See this thread for info


Ryanair stock please…

There is already a thread for this:

However, this is a stock which requires a Nationality Declaration and so is not available for addition to Freetrade right now…

Is there an ETA when those companies (Ryanair, Wizz air, Easyjet, etc) will be available in Freetrade?


Please add!

You can already buy Ryanair ADRs on the app. It’s essentially just bundles of Ryanair shares traded in the US.

The reason I want RYA in particular (not RYAAY) - is that my old trading account elsewhere (iWeb) has a bunch of these and apparently can’t sell them - they’ve given several reasons but consistently say that if I want to close the account, I need to find a platform that they can transfer the shares into. I’ve either cashed out or transferred all the other shares I had with them - would love to be able to transfer in the ryanair ones and close off that useless (but cheap) account.

According to IWeb, all their customers with RYA shares are affected by this so there’s probably a few more in the same bucket as me.

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