Sainsburys x Asda Merger

Sainsburys share price has fallen ~15% today after the CMA said

It could block the deal or force the sale of a large number of stores or even one of the brand names.

Although they didn’t say that they would definitely block the deal & the Sainsbury’s chief executive

described the CMA’s analysis as “fundamentally flawed” and said the firm would be making “very strong representations” to it about its “inaccuracy and lack of objectivity”.

so perhaps there’s still a chance that it’ll go ahead? The CMA’s due to make their final decision on the 30th April.

There’s more on this from The Telegraph, FT, Bloomberg.


Having lived in a number of places in the UK and visited many more, there aren’t many where they compete within a 10mile limit of each other. I find it incredibly flawed given the underlying price manipulation continues to go on in the industry without any regulation. I suspect it will be appealed and succeed, it seems sensible for both businesses & consumers.

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The aisles at Sainsbury’s are getting pretty dispiriting - suggests JS badly needs this merger to happen.

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Completely agree. However Sainsbury’s locations are just second to none for people living / working in cities. The only competitor that can match them location-wise is Tesco. Such a shame JS’s far too over priced with awful product offerings.