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Big fall in the share price today

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I stay away from retail for that reason. But it can be done, Best Buy (essentially a US version of Dixons) is still doing well.

It is not available on Freetrade.

I noticed that many high street brands are slowly dying out unless they are offering some unique atmosphere or experience. I wanted to mention examples but the only one I have in mind is Apple Store (albeit they are not quite “high street-ish”) - this one is just unlikely to ever experience a shortage in demand, which I would not say about 90% other shops that completely lost their purpose thanks to Amazon, Booking, Skyscanner, etc, as @ytsruh suggested .

All this stuff is supposed to be priced in. A big fall like this means the forward guidance was wrong (ie a profit warning). Profit warnings aren’t supposed to happen.

There is a very good [free public] tool from EY for profit warnings which shows you ‘what happens next’. Bookmark it for when you find yourself holding the bag.


Anyone holding?

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Would love to hear anybody’s thoughts on this stock. Doom and gloom or beginning of a turnaround?

I don’t get Freetrades logic.
0 votes and it’s added!?

What determines if they add a stock or not?

Liquidity, market cap, difficulty of adding it and user wishes.
This one is part of the FTSE250 though and should definitely be available in the UK.

I think they’ll go the way as Comet whilst the Carphone side will go the way of Phones4U.

It’s a shame but I think they’re two failing businesses that bizarrely tied themselves together whilst simultaneously sinking., Appliances Direct and others offer next day delivery and whilst Currys does (sometimes) as well, what’s the point in going to browse for white goods? As for phones - longer times between upgrades (remember the days of 12 month contracts!) and declining margins on tarriffs (have you seen how cheap some SIM Only deals are) means there’s less money for the Carphone Warehouse side.

Remember when Carphone experimented with big box electronics retail before - the Best Buy disaster - Best Buy Europe - Wikipedia

Quick Edit - I’ve just spotted that in April 2020, O2 stopped dealing with Carphone - Carphone Warehouse - Wikipedia

Last year, I needed a phone urgently as I was traveling the next day. I went to Manchester Arndale, and what should have been a 5-minute transaction took over an hour: first waiting 15 minutes to be attended (while there were only two other people browsing). Then the sales clerk was incredibly slow, chewing gum and did not know if he had taken the right box. Utter drivel. I won’t miss that store and there are sufficient alternatives available.

BBC News - Currys warns of fewer shoppers due to Omicron

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Currys stating the obvious!!!

Taken a position, too undervalued to not buy, regardless of current macro conditions

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I agree, especially with Christmas round the corner and new iPhone release

Not looking good for currys

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Not an investor, but crikey thats grim reading.

I like real world research.

There is a currys 100yds from my house.

The displays are tired. The laptop section has no prices displayed, like they couldn’t be bothered putting the tickets out.

It has a big store for not so many customers. The car park isnt very busy and the prices that are displayed are steep.

Its a place to see what something is like before you buy it on Amazon :rofl:

Exactly, to add to that the stores look overstaffed to me, staff members yapping with each other doing feck all.

I went into one their aircraft hangars not so long ago to purchase a bog standard Chromebook for basic web browsing, nothing more, unfortunately it was out of stock. I was then subjected to a load of sales pitch nonsense about how i should be buying an Ipad for basic browsing at x3 the cost because the security is better on them. I left the store shaking my head.

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These things definitely translate into share price eventually.