Scrolling freezes waiting for data

Been experiencing problems with scrolling again. Just as a few months ago, the scroll freezes while itโ€™s waiting for data, then suddenly catches up and scrolling back to normal until app is launched again - anyone else experiencing this?

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Yes, same here as well.

Sorry to hear that. :disappointed_relieved:

Can you DM me so we can look into this.

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Our Engineers are investigating this. Thanks for letting us know!

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Experienced same issue a few times too since last week

Same here, however it doesnโ€™t massive impact how I use the app. But I can see the issue from a aesthetic / UX point of view


My app has been very laggy this morning. Unsure if itโ€™s just my phone or anyone elses? Clicking in to a share I own is sometimes doing nothing, then itโ€™ll open it up three times. Scrolling also locks up

Iโ€™m getting this too on my iPhone OIS.

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I get this too, probably because I hold 32 shares in my portfolio so it takes a while to refresh them all.

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