Sell order constantly getting rejected all day

I’ve been having trouble getting sell orders accepted for Gfinity…

Is there any way to get this sorted? My money is stuck and I’m unable to move it to another stock.


Contact support in-app. As a Plus user you might get a speedier response.
In the meantime you can keep trying every 5 mins or so

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I had this earlier with a stock, I put a sell order in and that took a few minutes but was accepted. Alternatively I split it into smaller chunks and they went too, just suggestions.

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I am having quite a few buys/sells rejected today as well

Regarding the in app support, I’m a Plus member and I’ve been waiting 2.5 days so far for a response, so I’d keep trying in the meantime.

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It’s not necessarily an issue with the app.
Sometimes it’s an issue with the market.
For example, you want to sell but there is no one on the other end who wants to buy.

Another reason could be volatility. If prices are fluctuating rapidly it may be difficult to guarantee the price offered prior to requesting the transaction. Due to lack of guarantee the request is rejected.
It’s worth bearing in mind FT prices are often not accurate on the minute so you should research exact price elsewhere. It’s a slight problem when day trading but FT currently is aimed more toward long term investment. With no fees for trades though I’d say it’s bearable