Orders keep on getting rejected and it's frustrating [7DIG]

Been trying to get a sell order in for 7Digital for the past 2 hours and is constantly getting rejected.
The lack of fluidity in trading really hurts the experience in my opinion.

The volume of trades is quite low. LSE shows only 3 trades for the whole hour between 2-3 for example and only 2 trades between 1-2.

You may be finding that it’s simply no one wants to sell the quantity you’re trying to buy.

You could try putting in a limit order so you don’t have to keep trying


Even when I set the limit order to be lower than the current price… The price moves up and yet my order still doesn’t go through.

(Edit) and the market closes… And the price might continue it’s downward fall and I’ll have to try again tomorrow to see if I’m finally able to sell it.

Try using smaller order sizes &/or edging up the limit order purchase price/edging down the limit order selling price. The market makers will eventually bite.