Sell rejected

Trying to sell , keeps rejecting?
Any ideas ?

You need to supply more information this this. What is the stock? Was it a limit order?


Split into smaller chunks, and perhaps use Yahoo to find what the current ask is and set a limit order at or below.

Hi jase ,Thanks for the reply .
25000 Mxc pharm , instant order
Yahoo higher price than being offered?
Constant sell rejected , frustrating
as buys were rejected Last Friday .
Over charged on a bid for an astronomical ask last Monday .
Not having much luck with freetrade .

The product is not optimised for day trading
Order rejection on a highly volatile stock is not uncommon. As stated above try sell in smaller chunks and you might find someone on the other side of your trade.

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Could you elaborate on day trading?
I donโ€™t understand what it is and how the requirements would change ie whatโ€™s not optimised for day trading?

You answered your own question

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