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UK and Indonesia-based oil and gas exploration company.

What are people opinion on this stock? Planning to invest in these guys would love to get some thought please


  • It’s trading almost 7ö% below its fair value.
  • It became profitable


  • A lot of non-cash earnings
  • It’s a penny stocks, so expect it to go up and down wildly.

IC consensus is that the share price should go anywhere between 106.29 and 158.62

SimplyWallst fair value:

It does look like a share with a low price, but which oil company doesn’t have a low share price now? Why would you go for this over eg Shell or BP? It will have a lot less resilience than those huge companies if the adverse conditions persist.Shell and BP are also better positioned to move into renewables than a small oil firm with a £224.5m market cap.

Do your own research and remember your capital is at risk.

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Thank you for the in depth breakdown Connor, much appreciated.

The main reason this stock catch my eye is that recently Saudi Arabia just invested massively into Indonesia, as this company its secondary base is based in Indonesia, there is a huge potential chance this stock could boom.


No problem. I’m trying to write numbers-informed, good answers when I can.

I’m not sure I understand the connection between this (I’m curious about your source?) and Serica? It would be interesting to know more about this thesis.

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Now has 800million cap and booming right now?

Any ideas?

Serica are going to have very large cash reserves in the coming year.
Also waiting for drilling results from their North Eigg well in October/November.
IF they are positive, the chat is a “transformational” impact on the company, which is already doing incredibly well.

Very happy to be in Serica long term. Investment is doing well so far. Certainly still undervalued when compared with KIST.

Odds on will take at least 5 days to revieve divs! 1/2 anyone?

Hi everyone,

I’m new in this chat, is it worth to take position on serifs ?! Does gas have an avenir with all new technology poping ?

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