Show impact of FX on returns throughout the app

On this I invested in Google a while ago and whilst overall I’m up the stock is down but GBP/USD is also down so I’m still up a couple of percent it’d be nice to have it broken down to see how the stock itself is doing and how the currency is doing.
I know it’s not quite the same as the idea above but it’d be nice too see analysis throughout the app. I also understand that we won’t really see any improvements till the investment platform is done as that is and should be the priority.


Excellent idea, separating this information out would really provide some insight over and above what others are offering.


Totally support this. The roll of currency in your returns can easily be underestimated.


Sure this will be a challenge from a UX standpoint given how crowded the app is going to get. But agreed - I’m definitely pleased most of my ISA is in USD at the moment.