Show link to Morningstar (or favourite stock report) data

(Pablo) #1

It would be very useful to show a link to Morningstar data for a specific stock, at the bottom. E.g.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Hey Pablo, is there any information in particular that you’d be using from Morningstar here?

Also, why Morningstar & not Bloomberg or Google Finance etc?


Great idea. Morningstar seemed to be the most comprehensive and readable when I used to use it but any of them that offer a similar level of detail for free would be valuable.


Or even yahoo and CNBC

(Pablo) #5

Insiders activity, valuation (incl company vs industry ratios), cash flow, balance sheet and income statements, quarterly reports, top holdings, Morningstar style box, etc. As @Wulfy says, any source that can provide this level of detail would be ideal.

Access to Bloomberg terminal data would be great, but the data isn’t good enough, and Google Finance no longer exists.

From a quantitative point of view, the data available on WolframAlpha (correlations, return distributions and projections) would be a nice to have too: These however could easily be created in-house in the future under a Quant/Ideas Lab tab.

(Pablo) #6

Alternatively, I have noticed that the FT markets page shows a good summary and easy to understand descriptions to the numbers. I have a FT subscription but don’t think it’s required to access this page. Could be a good link, or a starting point for something done in-house.


Yahoo finance and cnbc are good too. And free


I like the simplicity of the Freetrade App. While I do think there’s scope for a bit more information I don’t want it bogged down with data.


True. Just a ticker of some kind