Sign up linked to haveibeenpwned

Saw this on twitter earlier and it’s something I didn’t realise I needed in my life until then.

For those who don’t know, is a site that you can use to see if your email address has been the victim of hacks or phishing attacks.

Someone has linked sign up to them so it will check if the email you’re using is compromised. Great for security and beneficial to customers

Jeez, this is so useful plus so beautiful! :heart_eyes: When Freetrade issues passwords, this will have my vote

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Every site that uses passwords should use something like this…

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I was thinking even just when you’re entering the email for signing up or magic links

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I use Dashlane (password manager) which has a similar feature including checks of the dark web.Would highly recommend. Cost is about the price of a coffee a month.


Couple of tips on email/passwords if you are managing them yourself:

  • Use a formula for your password, e.g. standard string + provider derivative
  • Use the +label functionality on Google Mail, e.g. {local-part}+{provider}@…

Of course if you don’t care about the provider/service then use whatever.

Or just use a password manager, like @lucas said.

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I’ve been using this quite some time. Fairly useful, but fairly depressing to actually get an email from it. The system’s emails usually start with something along the lines of "

You are one of the X million people who have been pwned recently in the Y breach."


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I’ve used this site recently when it was posted somewhere else and all my emails have been pwned. However, I’m too lazy to create another email and change it in every site I’m in. :sweat_smile:

As long as you don’t use the same password everywhere and don’t use a common/weak password you should be OK

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I use 1Password and they link to haveibeenpwned to let you know if your email address has ever come up on any leaked lists, and they can auto-update your passwords for you. Super useful, and at £3 a month - a no-brainer.


I recently downloaded the million most commonly used passwords while doing some security stuff at work, scrolling through that list is enough to destroy your faith in human nature…

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I have a password set as ‘password’ coz it’s for an online learning thing for work. Really hope that someone does the training for me :crossed_fingers:


:joy: great idea :+1:, here’s to hoping.