Don't remember the email I signed up with

hi, I’ve recently received a new phone, when I downloaded the freetrade app I’m unable to sign in, I cant remember which email ive used to sign up originally, is there a way to find out which email was used?

I can answer any security questions thrown my way (bank details, personal details, nat ins number and anything else, even what stocks I have cash in)

Starting to panic that I won’t be able to get back into my account and potentially lose hundreds, any info is appreciated, I’ve also contacted the email address for help from freetrade but don’t seem to be getting a response and the live chat isn’t working for me either.

Are you still logged in on your old phone? If so, you just press the profile icon top-right and it’s in there.

If you have multiple email accounts, just search them for a prior email from Freetrade and then you’ll know which one you used?

Unfortunately I don’t have the old phone, it was damaged and handed it back for a replacement with the insurance, ive asked in the email if they can check some of the other emails, it doesn’t seem to recognise anything I try and ive also lost access to one of the outlook addresses due to it being hacked and Microsoft account recovery is horrendous, if its that email I think I’m stuck, there must be a way to answer security questions and be told which email address it is for the account, just need to figure it out

Okay well your best approach is to wait for FT to come back to you via email. I wouldn’t expect an immediate reply as I think they are still recovering from the massive surge in numbers.

I suspect you will need to supply security selfies etc and they will be able to link the account to an email address you do still have access to.

I’ve just received a reply asking for some security details!

Hopefully I get it sorted, thank you for your replies!