Not getting email link

i logged out of my freetrade app on my phone, but cant log back in ,keeps sending link to my email ,but i dont recieve anything ,been over a week now ,still not getting anywhere ,with this issue, emailed freetrade about my issue ,but oh my god what a useless bunch of people they are ,no help whatsoever, just repeat yourself to 6 different people but nothing ever gets done, i even checked my email settings but its not adding there i am using hotmail.any help would be very grateful .

I believe accessing hotmail via an app occasionally doesn’t show items that have gone into the Junk folder, although it’s been a while since I used hotmail.

I would try logging into your hotmail account on a proper PC/Desktop – not the app – and see if the emails are in your junk folder. If they are, then you will need to add them to the safe senders list or equivalent. If you don’t have access to a PC/Desktop, try to access your email via your web browser on your phone (this may also work).

Let us know how you get on.

Oh, and I’m just glossing over your abuse of the Freetrade support staff, who deserve better than that kind of characterisation.

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all what you have emailed me ,has been done loads of times,but to no avail. plus its not abuse its head boiling frustration ,with getting nowhere with freetrade customer service, NO HELP WOTSOEVER THAT IS FREETRADE

I am not omniscient. If you had tried to do this then mentioning it in your OP would be helpful. Or do you just want to moan, and not receive help?

Maybe someone else will be able to figure out how to help you, because I’m out.

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surely you did read my message , obviously anyone would have tried the basics to try other laptops/tablets /phones. if i put everything down what i did you would still be read my message ,am asking for help of course i am, which i would be very grateful for, but also moaning about the lack of help you get from freetrade , i even emailed freetrade to swop emails and move my stock to another new account i would open, but one person says you can do that /then another freetrade customer service says you cant . i even asked then to send me a link to my email address, it is very strange i get emails from the customer service people,but i dont get a link when using the freetrade app. i hpe i have explained it better now tony.

not really, were your emails to FT written any better than this mess of text?

Emails from Freetrade support are generated by the Intercom software they use, and are from the domain. As such, they may make it through to you inbox when emails from do not.

Freetrade support cannot generate a magic login link for you, there are all kinds of security reasons for not allowing that, so that was certain to be a non-starter.

My recommendation, if you have tried everything suggested, would be to use an alternative email address for your Freetrade login. You need to ask Freetrade to move your account login to a different email address (please don’t use hotmail or icloud, as this kind of thing with magic emails always seems to be those domains). Do not mention a new account, as that’s not what you are asking for and they will tell you it’s not possible.

You will no doubt have to provide proof of ID (selfie with passport etc) so that you can pass the security requirements, but this seems like the best approach to take:

As you have access to your hotmail account this should be the simplest option.

I appreciate your help tony thank you.

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