Can’t log in - magic link not sending

Hello, can someone from Freetrade please contact me as I’m unable to log into my account and the ‘magic link’ never sends. EDIT this is not a new account, I’ve had it for over a year.

Do you use an outlook/life/Hotmail account? If so this maybe why - due to the type of link outlook diverts it and you just have to change your mail settings and add freetrade as a safe sender.

If you are trying to login with an email address not associated with your account one won’t come through - would definitely try logging in with any alternative email accounts you may use, just in case you signed up with a different email

Also, have you checked your spam or junk folder?

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A quick inbox search for Freeetrade is a good check as they email you with dividends etc.

If you’re still stuck you can reach them on

Hi both,

The email I’m using is definitely correct as it’s where all of my dividend emails etc have gone into.

Yes, this is an outlook email “”. If anyone is aware of the settings I may need to change in order for the email to come through that would be helpful, thanks.

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That’ll be something @rudzy89 might have to help with as I’m a fully paid up Google drone!

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Just checking, as suggested by rudzy89, have you checked your “Junk” email folder to see if Microsoft have incorrectly identified the mail as spam?

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Yes I have checked Junk, nothing is in there either.

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Are you checking on a phone email app? If so check on the outlook web app:

Go to the outlook web app (this will be applicable to, and email addresses) and log in. Check the spam folder here, it’s possible that the that emails could be blocked here and not downloaded to your phone email app.

Then go to the outlook web app settings > Mail > Junk mail. Under safe senders, select add and add the domain to the list and save these settings.

Then clear the freetrade app cache, exit it and restart. Then try logging in again to request the magic link

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Thank you again for the suggestions.

I have tried the above and still not working unfortunately, I am in contact with the freetrade team so hopefully they can fix it.

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Good luck @Shaqqo123 - let us know what solved the problem as it might help the next soul stuck in your place.

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Is anyone from the Freetrade team able to message me on here? As the email team are taking a while to respond. Thanks in advance. Just worried as have majority of my lifes savings in the app.

When did you email them?

Bear in mind though, this is a community forum, your profile here would not be connected to your actual account on the app.

Email support don’t work weekends so will help out tomorrow - in my experience email they’ve always been amazing and faster than the auto email says

Fair enough, hopefully I hear back early in the week then.

Still struggling to access my account, can someone please help me.

Are you able to help @mynameisgeraint ?

In case anyone was wondering, the magic link randomly sent to my email address after about 100 attempts and 48 hours later… support we’re going to change the email associated with the account to a different one of mine (which may have worked but we will never know) sigh of relief technology eh?


How weird! Thanks for letting us all know the solution.