Log in issues

Hi, I’m having issues logging in. I received a divident notification and tried to log in using the email address that was in the email. I keep getting locked in a ‘check your email’ loop. I’ve had to re-register using the same email address to even send this message. Should I have been able to re-register with an email address that was already in use?


When you go to login to the app you provide your email address, and you should receive an email with a magic link; going to your email app and pressing this link will then take you back to the FT app and log you in. If you are not receiving an email with the magic link then you need to check your spam folder. Based on the email provider (hotmail/outlook from memory) you may have to login on a browser to whitelist the freetrade email address.

You’ve registered on the Freetrade community forum, which is separate from the app, so having a login/account on one does not mean you have a login/account on the other, nor does it mean they’d be using the same registered email address.

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So I followed the Freetrade Plus link, registered for that and was taken to a page that Something has gone wrong and Freetrade is not available. Pressed the try again link several times to be taken through the same process and end up at the same ‘Something has gone wrong’ page.

Hi Tony, the magic link takes me to a ‘Get access to Freetrade Web Beta’ page with only a link ‘Learn more about plus’ page.
When I click this link I’m taken to a Freetrade plus page. How do I get into my current Freetrade account from this page please?