Signing up for Freetrade

(Abdullahi) #1

Hi, i was wondering if you want to sign up for Freetrade does your email address and name have to match your identity like bank card and national insurance?

Also if you requested invite on different email for some reason can you change later when you received the invitation?

Finally if your position is 4641 when would i expect to receive the invitation?


(Emma) #2

No rules about email addresses exist as far as I’m aware but don’t use one of those temporary ones for obvious reasons.
Yeah you can change it in the future.
No idea time wise (couple of months maybe) but try and find someone to refer, it’ll bump you up the list

(Abdullahi) #3

yh done it know i am like 590.

(Emma) #4

In the next 2 or 3 weeks maybe if you’re up that high🤞