SIPP transfer - resolved ✅

Tried to transfer my SIPP to Freetrade for over 3 weeks now. Freetrade says its contacted my provider on the 25th May, after receiving my forms. However my provider hasnt heard from Freetrade at all.

Now its 9th June and all my attempts to get this moving with Freetrade have failed. Very frustrating that i can’t speak to a human on the phone at Freetrade, The intercom is the only way. My request to speak to a manager was met by this response from ‘Ollie’:
“I have just passed the query onto our manager. Please note that threy’ll be in touch within 10-15 working days”
So another 2-3 weeks before i even get a response from a manager at Freetrade.
I am just trying to transfer my SIPP - but this seems to be beyond the capability of Freetrade…

What has to happen next:

  1. Freetrade request my provider to migrate the SIPP. My provider, will send me a Discharge form for me to fill in.
  2. I send this Discharge form to Freetrade for them to fill in their section.
  3. Freetrade then send the completed Discharge form to my provider, who will then migrate the SIPP to Freetrade.

Still waiting for Freetrade to action number 1… If Freetrade has requested the transfer to my provider, my provider hasnt received it. So maybe Freetrade should pick up the phone and contact my provider to figure it out…

All seems to sit on the assumption that your existing provider is telling the truth or even knew the answer…

Since they’ve contacted your provider then the current stage is in your current providers hands not freetrade. Might be worth checking with them

Speaking to a manager at freetrade sounds more like a complaint process which won’t move your transfer along if it’s sitting with your current provider.

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Sorry that your SIPP transfer isn’t going well. Many of us seem to have had a good experience transferring a SIPP, so while that info probably doesn’t give you any comfort right now, once it does arrive it is worth it. Good luck!

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Eden - first thing i did was check with my provider. Spoke to them twice today, two different people and they both said they have received no instruction from Freetrade.
Informed Freetrade of this and their intercom people just say the same thing, its takes weeks to transfer.
It could be that my provider has mislaid the Freetrade communication, but the way to move forward is for Freetrade to pick up the phone to my provider and for them both to talk and sort this very simple issue out…

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Thanks Rod - im actually more concerned about the ‘intercom only’ contact with Freetrade and their glacial response time for complaints 8-10 weeks or speaking to a manager 10-15 working days.

Are Freetrade run by a very small team? Is this resourced correctly. What if a really serious event occurs.

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If it is any consolation I experienced vague answers from Freetrade as well but to be fair they completed the process in quite a fast time compared to other providers :+1:

You’re lucky Big-g, i started mine at the beginning of May 2021… still no nearer, unfortunately

That is still in a normal time frame 12 weeks seems to be common. :+1:

Ive transferred a pension twice in my life. Once from Holland to the UK. Neither took anywhere near 12 weeks, thats 3 months :slight_smile:
The average time was around 3-4 weeks.
How long will a pension transfer take?.

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Maybe I was gullible in believing the 12 week thing as just found this :joy: :man_facepalming:

How Long it Takes to Transfer Your Pension.

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SIPP transfer from Pru to FT took 1 week for me. No issues. This was a couple of weeks ago.
Edit… and no paperwork, all by email.

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4 weeks for me, it’s not that it actually takes 4 weeks, it’s all down to when the provider decides to actually action it. In my case they acknowledged the transfer then did nothing for another 3-4 weeks

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Hi @vfunnell, my colleague Aaron tells me he’s been in touch with you and you’ve discussed next steps to resolve your query.

Sorry again for the delay in the response to you.


Hi Sam,
Yes Aaron got in touch and has contacted my provider. Thanks for this response, really great.


Mine took months to get done but it wasn’t FT’s fault - they were great… My other provider didn’t want to help it seems

Mine took 41 days to transfer from HL. Freetrade did everything they said they would but I had to chase HL on their side.

Thanks all, we’ll always do our best to get your transfers over as soon as we possibly can.