Transfer to Freetrade SIPP

I opened a SIPP last week, whilst upgrading to FreeTrade Plus. I’ve had NO REPLYS to any requests for information/help transferring my existing pension.

In-app chat is not working. Emails have not been replied to. I posted in the Help section, but no luck.

I’m paying for a service that I cannot use.

The start of a sipp transfer should normally be a bot asking for a serious of pieces of info? What’s not working with chat?

I click ‘Start your transfer’, goes to chat options page. I type in my request and it shows a red (!) and my message greyed out. If I try clicking any of the four options, it just hangs.

@GlennDrawbridge could you help out?

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Hi @jasonfj,

Could you send me the email address you use for your Freetrade account via a direct message so I can take a look?

Also, you won’t be charged for your Freetrade SIPP until you either top up or transfer funds in. If your SIPP account balance is £0.00 you are not currently paying for the product. That being said, I can understand you are probably eager to get started so let’s see if we can get to the bottom of this :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, I have started the SIPP Transfer over 3 weeks ago. Initially all good, fast support and got the transfer form done and papers from my pension provider (Capita). When sent photos of the papers asking which of them to forward on to Freetrade got a reply from Jessica that my pension is DB therefore sorry but the transfer can’t happen and the chat was closed. I rang Capita to confirm and my pension is definitely DC. Since then I have sent one chat message every day on the past 5 working days and get ZERO reply. This is so frustrating. I want to transfer £120k+ of my pension fund to Freetrade and it gets no attention. You are aware of that. I’m early investor / Alpha user (invested in 2 rounds) and hold substantial high 6 figure portfolio on the platform. I’m concerned as a customer and as investor in Freetrade, this just isn’t acceptable no matter what way I look at it. I get you might have high volume of new sign-ups but why not prioritise high value customers? Can someone help please? I’m not losing faith however it is tough especially that I’m getting incomparably better support on other trading apps I’m using.

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My experience has been posting in this community is the best way to get a response, rather than the in-app chat.


Thanks @jasonfj im hoping to get a response here from someone from the Freetrade team :+1::+1:

@GlennDrawbridge? :pray::pray:

Hi @flexiblemirror,

Apologies you’ve not had a good experience so far.

I’ve asked one of our SIPP transfer team members to reach back out to you.

Thank you so much @GlennDrawbridge, Jessica had contacted me right away after your intervention. I’ll feed back on the outcome here once we progress to a conclusion. Much appreciate the quick response!


@glennDrawbridge I have a Plus acc and ISA. How do I open a SIPP and transfer my SIP{P on a later date, please?

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Hi Xan :wave:,

You can sign up for the SIPP waitlist here - Open SIPP - Self-invested personal pension account | Freetrade

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Just remembered to reply here. After your prompt @GlennDrawbridge the matter was resolved within 2-3 weeks - which is about as fast as it was possible. So thank you again for your help. Hope the SIPP transfer process had improved at Freetrade since then and new sign-ups are coming in. I nearly doubled my pension pot already so it was an amazing choice. It was only a coincidence that SIPP was announced just as I was talking to PensionBee about a transfer. I’m very happy it had turned out to work with Freetrade as I already know the app experience and am happy with the direction it takes. Also would rather pay fees to Freetrade than others. Good luck everyone transferring your pensions to SIPP, have your destiny in your hands rather than leave it in the hands of super cautious managed pension funds!


Does anyone know how granular a partial SIPP transfer from HL can be? Can you select which individual investments to leave and which to transfer? Some stocks are not offered by Freetrade and some investor perks are not available, so I’d leave those and move the rest.

I am currently in the process of transferring my pension to the Freetrade SIPP account. Happy to hear your experience was a positive one in the end.

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Just wanted to drop a message to say how flawless the service was transferring half of my workplace pension into the freetrade SIPP.


I fully concur, I’ve transferred in 2 full pensions and 1 partial. One transfer went so poorly Vanguard paid me £200 as an apology and Freetrade were amazing.

Welcome to these parts @ID83 :ocean:


I’ve transferred pensions to and from Freetrade, and I have to say the process has been faultless.

I’d love to be able to transfer continental Europe-listed positions ‘in specie’ too. Anyone know what the stumbling block is for enabling this with European holdings?

It would be great to be able to transfer US positions as well but I appreciate that that’s probably complicated by FT using DriveWealth as an intermediary.

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