Slow processing when requesting a proper account statement

I am going through a mortgage application, and my broker asked for the statements, including both of my Freetrade accounts. The default statements do not have account numbers, thus making them invalid in the eyes of underwriters.

I asked for a proper statement on Tuesday, June 12 (almost two weeks ago!), and I still do not know when I will get such a statement. Is there a way of escalating/speeding this up, as my mortgage application and contract exchanges have deadlines which I might miss because of not being able to get the statements?

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Did you have any success with this? I’m about to go through the same process myself…hoping that the statements you can download are sufficient.

Hopefully Freetrade can accommodate you. Is there some sort of legal definition of what a ‘proper statement’ is? They can’t make a slightly different statement for every bank.

I used to have to run my online bank statements through an online grain and crease filter because many places would only accept scanned ‘paper statements’